Monday, October 8, 2012

A few things about Sheplacements is that we....

We want to always dress sexy...Since most Sheplacements are only part time...You can pretty much guarantee that any chance they can doll up sexy for a man...They will do their best not to disappoint...For example this lovely gurl. Not only has she put quite the sexy outfit together...She puts it over the top by adding the durty school gurl / librarian glasses.

 Like to put on a show for our men...and bring back the foreplay that has been missing in their lives.
We do not get mad when you check us out...Or make a comment about how our ass looks...

Or how our lips are inviting based on that great make up job we did.

But most of all we love to be admired, photographed, videoed and above all...Touched and fondled like the true vixen we are.